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Airtel reaffirms commitment to consumers in its latest campaign


Bharti Airtel has restated its commitment to the consumers in a new campaign, highlighting that it has set itself a target of answering and resolving every single customer query, learn quickly from failures and ensure they don’t get repeated.

 Taking the new message to its customers across India through a bold multi-channel marketing campaign, Airtel’s new campaign will run across TV, Digital and Print to communicate the company’s promise to customers. The campaign has been conceived by Dentsu-Taproot, led by Pallavi Chakravarti and team.

Commenting on the latest marketing campaign, Shashwat Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Bharti Airtel, said: “The relationship between Airtel and its customers has never been more important, and to serve them even better we have decided to take our customer obsession to the next level. We know that “ZERO questions” is an IMPOSSIBLE utopian thought especially for a telecom brand, but that won’t stop us from trying because we know that the closer we get to ZERO, the happier our customers will be.

“We promise to be humble, learn every time we fail and be relentless in our approach. For us, this is not just a campaign, we are now re-engineering the entire organisation towards this goal and are obsessed with building a culture of consumer centricity.”

Recently, Airtel became the first mobile operator in India to launch Voice over Wi-Fi to solve the indoor coverage issues faced by its customers. Today, millions of happy customers enjoy seamless indoor coverage over Airtel Vo-Wi-Fi.

The current times have put telecom ii8 and reliable connectivity at the core of the daily lives of customers. Be it Work from Home, Virtual Classrooms, Online shopping, or Digital Entertainment, telecom networks have become the backbone for accomplishing most things from within the safety of our homes.

Continuing, the Barti Airtel boss added: “Consumer centricity has always been at the heart of everything that Airtel does, but during these testing times, the brand has realised that a network provider’s responsibility towards its customers has never been greater. Airtel acknowledges that it not only has the responsibility to provide access to high-quality telecom services but also to give answers to all their service related queries by responding and resolving them in a quick and transparent manner.”


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