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Expect more rain in Lagos – Bello


The Lagos State government has warned of more rains and possible flooding in the state in the coming months. On Monday a heavy downpour caused devastating floods in several parts of the city.

Commissioner for Environment & Water Resources, Tunji Bello, in a chat with reporters yesterday urged resident to desist from dumping refuse, medical, electrical and electronic waste in the drains in order not to exacerbate the effects of flooding in the state.

Reviewing the 2020 Annual Rainfall Forecast in the state, Bello laid out the rainfall prediction in various parts of the state.

He said, “Ikeja is expected to have about 1,526 milimetres rainfall; Badagry 1,750 milimetres, Lagos Island 1,714 milimetres, Ikorodu 1,690 milimetre, Lagos Island 1,714, lkorodu 1,690 milimetres and Epe 1,750 milimetres over the year.

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has forecast that the state is likely to have a rainy season of between 240 and 270 days.

Bello said the government is presently working on 222 secondary channels out of which146 have been completed across the state just as 46 primary channels are receiving attention currently.

“We have deployed our Emergency Flood Abatement Gangs (EFAG) that are being deployed round the state to undertake quick-fixes to free manholes or clogged drains manually”.

Responding to complaints of some residents of Aguda, Shomolu, Surulere, and Oworonsoki of not seeing any contractor on site against government claims, he reiterated that the contractors are already working on all the channels.

He said that areas in Idioro, Mushin and other areas having challenges are as a result of indiscriminate dumping of refuse.

He warned that the state government will not hesitate to close down serial defaulters of indiscriminate dumping of electrical, electronic, tyres, plastics, rubbers and other waste’s such as Ladipo, Idi-Oro and other markets that have consistently flouted the state regulations on waste disposal.

The Commissioner warned that anybody or group of persons caught flouting this rule will be prosecuted.

He said it has become imperative to take tougher measures because of the increasing effect of climate change and the cost of maintaining the drainage channels.

It is imperative, he said, to state that for a coastal city like Lagos, once it rains consistently for a minimum of eight hours, there must be flash floods.

He further warned the public on the planned opening of Ogun-Oshun River Basin Development Authority (OORBDA) and the release of  5 million Cubic meters in July, in August 8 to 10 million cubic meters, in September 18 million cubic meters and  highest release in October by 23 million cubic’s with a gradual reduction of water to the tune of 11 million cubic meters in November.

He lamented that the design capacity of the dam is inadequate for today’s reality of 1770 million cubic meters as against 270 million cubic meters it was made for.

He advised residents who live within the lowly areas such as Agbowo-Ketu, Mile 12, Owode and others to always vacate their houses for safety.


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