Uduk urges women to break stereotypes


Women have been urged to continue to break stereotypes that impede their progress in the socio-political set up of the country in a bid to make a meaningful impact.

The Acting Director-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Ms. Mary Uduk who stated this during the commemoration of the 2020 International Women’s Day in Abuja, Monday, said this is given the continuing need for more progressive thinking and inclusive behaviours globally.

She said, “Women must be ready to challenge stereotypes. We must remove barriers that stand in the way of the progress of women and consciously take giant strides towards the emancipation of women.

“When we stand together, we can achieve anything and any obstacle can be pulled down. We must support women for emerging opportunities whenever they arise and mentor them. Supporting one another is a duty we owe and must carry out every time for women to move on.”

Uduk enjoined all whether women or men, sisters or brothers to consciously take giant strides towards the emancipation of women in all spheres of life as the rise of a woman is never the fall of men.

According to her “Those of us who are older women should consciously look down and mentor our sisters, our upcoming sisters, our children so that as they grow up, we are not in competition with each other, it is always our happiness to see that those that we mentor surpass us, they do better than us, just like we like our children to do better than us.

“Therefore, I charge all of us in this room, to please look down at all times and pull up your younger sisters, your children and bring them up to speed in the way you would like your own children to be.

“If you are not a woman, you have a daughter, or married or a girl child, therefore it is for everyone. It then provides an opportunity for us to reinforce the fact that everyone, both women and men have a role to play in building and sustaining a more gender-balanced world.

Uduk said International women’s day is for celebrating the achievements of women and on calling for gender parity, as historically the role of Nigerian women has differed depending on religious and geographic factors.

She said, “Women’s role was primarily understood as mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. These have gradually changed through the ages with the presence of women in almost every sector in Nigeria. Our women can be found in Medicine, Law, Engineering, Architecture, Building, Technology, Accounting, Teaching, International Relations, Aero-nautical Engineering and in Capital Market-related professions.

“Regarding gender bias there is much improvement in how women are perceived and treated in Nigeria these days. However, there is still much work to be done, women are still being marginalized in politics, discriminated against sexually harassed in the workplace. These days it has become evident that there is no such thing as bottom power. What you have are very hard-working women that God has raised and they do well and everybody knows that it is not because of any man’s influence but because they do that in their own right as hard-working women.

In her remarks, Leadership and Management Consultant Dr Karmell Andzenge said as the world celebrates the woman, the men are also celebrating themselves as without the men the women cannot be and vice versa.

Andzenge said equality is a respecting point where the women respect the men and the men also, respect the women and therefore urged men to support women beginning from the homes.

She, however, lamented that women are still not treated equally in some instances adding that some cultural and harmful traditional practices have to be done away with.

The International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world on March 08 and the day is focused on celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and for highlighting challenges that women face in the different phase of life and we all know that, women face a lot of issues in life. This year’s celebration marks a call to action for celebrating women’s equality.

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