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Buhari needs to wake up and dissolves his cabinet-Guru Maharaji


*I can change the cause of things if given opportunity

Temitope Adebayo

The founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji has said that President Muhammad Buhari needs to wake up as the economy of the country is going down the drain.

He, therefore, suggested that the president needs to sack some of his ministers, leaving only the good ones, even as he said, he could change the cause of thing if giving the opportunity.

Maharaj Ji disclosed this during a press conference to mark the 27 years ‘Anniversary Celebrations of Nigeria Declaration as the new Holy Land of the Universe which was held at Maharaj Ji village in Lagos recently.

According to him, the President must wake up, there must be a corrective government but I am disappointing in his attitude and behaviour. There is nothing the President wants that I cannot get; only that they didn’t listen to me and they haven’t been listening to me fully.

To this end, he advised the federal government to start a project or institution that will make each state strong with socio-economic development, while reducing  the number of special assistance, in order to reduce expenditure and grow education, health, and  transportation, sectors.

Speaking on insecurity in the country, he said to tackle insecurity we have the police, army, and among many others, but the government must be nice to Nigerians because we are the economy today and forever.

On expectations from the legislators, he said that “the national assembly must pass laws for the common good of Nigerians, while the judiciary must be sterilized, and if they are not paid well, they will be tempted. So, the president must love Nigerians.

“I advise our fellow brothers and sisters across the states, with the situation now, they should start a project or institution that will make their state strong.

Responding to the question on Sunday Igboho, he said, “I was in Lagos and I have been in Lagos for weeks trying to organize a programme. Although, I love Sunday Igboho for the way he has exposed the Fulani in Ibarapa, which made everyone wake up and anyone that said I have been arrested is not telling the truth.”

His words, “since the day I started this missionary service, have been telling people violence is not the way except we want to go into colonization. The Europeans have tried to silence the black with all kinds of serious information most especially confusion.

 “I have never heard he killed somebody or use a gun on anyone, and I love them all for who they are and the government should give them the chance to say something. According to the evidence found on them, I don’t know more than what I have read in the newspapers. So, for peace to reign, they should be given a chance to explain, for the world to know that we have matured as a country. Nigeria remains the giant of Africa.”

“So for peace to reign, people like them should be given a chance they are not fighting the government but only telling the government to do something, so that the Buhari’s government will not fall”, he said.


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