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Startups to Pitch for a Share of up-to $30,000 Pre-seed Equity Pool from SSE Angel Network as #StartupSouth opens a call for BootCamp Application


“For the last 7 years #StartupSouth has consistently pushed for a more democratized tech and
innovation ecosystem where founders especially within the South-East/South-South regions can
access fundings and support thereby giving investors more deals. We are excited to open the
call for the StartupBootCamp by #StartupSouth.” Owen Shedrack, #StartupSouth6 Bootcamp
Lead made this known during the StartupSouth6 international Press Conference.
StartupBootCamp by #StartupSouth is a 2-weeks virtual acceleration program. It’ll identify
early-stage startups within the South-South and South-East regions with competent teams, high
growth potential, signs of traction, and the ability to create jobs.
Startup teams will undergo a two weeks tailored capacity development program, while
receiving support to revalidate their business model, prepare for pitching and linkages with
potential investors at a DealDay Session during #StartupSouth6 in Enugu. Top 5 teams will slug it
out for a share of upto $30,000 equity pool made available by SSE Angel Network.
Application opens till September 30, 2021. Interested teams should apply here:
About SSE Angel Network
SSE Angel Network Members mentor, support and invest in founders (especially those in the
South-South/South-East, Nigeria) building innovative businesses that provide jobs,
opportunities and contribute to the prosperity and development of our Country.


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