SACHO acquires state of the art handling equipment


Skyway Aviation Handling Company PLC (SAHCO) has acquired a fleet of brand new Ground Handling Equipment, expanded its cargo warehouse to boost its operations to accommodate its growing activities.

SAHCO’s new fleet of equipment includes Baggage Carts, Conveyor Belts, Passenger Steps and Static Pallets which are of high quality with exceptional features.

The Passenger Steps which are manufactured in Italy by Bombelli are equipped with peculiar safety features that prevent unwarranted interference, some of which include censors that automatically slows it down to snail speed to avoid any form of collision with aircraft.

The Ground Support Equipment which can both be remotely and manually operated thereby making usage very flexible can be used for both wide and narrow-body aircraft seamlessly.

Just like the Passenger steps, the Conveyor belts are the latest model in the aviation market, they are equipped with Aircraft Proximity Censor which gives a signal when approaching the aircraft to avoid collision and they can go as high as 6ft, unlike the old model which could only do about 3 feet.

Also, the static pallet dollies are made of synthetic aluminium which prevents rusts, very rugged and easy to lift from all angles without folding or damaging the flatbed.

Just like the pallets, the newly acquired baggage carts model has special features which include; higher ground the clearance that enhances accessibility, a canopy, and is kitted with synthetic aluminium that prevents rust. SAHCO’s constant investments in ultra-modern equipment are one of the reasons the organization stands out among its competitors.

Recently, SAHCO invested in brand new baggage tow tractors to boost its operations across the country, this immense investment in modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment which has resulted in excellent performance has boosted clients’ confidence and even brought about an interest in intending clients

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