FAAN to decongest airport limits number of escorts


The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) is appealing to air travellers to minimize the number of persons taken into the airport to reduce airport congestion during the yuletide season, the as the season brings about a lot of congestion because of the inflow and the outflow of travellers.

The General Manager Corporate Communications of FAAN, Mrs Henrietta Yakubu made the plea at the Nigerian Aviation (NIGAV) Awards held in Lagos.

Henrietta noted that too many people at the airport could lead to many issues that could compromise safety while urging passengers to come with the maximum of two people to the airport.

“I want to use this medium to appeal to air travelers. When you are travelling during this Christmas season, do not come to the airport with a lot of people. When you allow one- or two-persons to escort you, then it is fine. We have promised to be among the best airport in the world. We are trying to ensure that we do what is expected of us and we put in our best. When you come to our airport with so many persons, we will have issues in our airport”.

She also disclosed that dignitaries would be attended to at the immigration quarters of the airport.“We also want to inform our distinguished guest who is air travelers that dignitaries will no longer be received at the avio bridges. They will now be received after the immigration because we are positioning ourselves to do very well.”

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