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AIB to release 10 final reports in 90 days


Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) Nigeria has revealed it will release 10 final reports in the next 90 days.

The Bureau is set to release reports of some current accidents and others that have been pending since 2008, barely a year after the organisation was established.

This is just as the AIB has attained up to 85 per cent implementation of safety recommendations issued to airlines and other agencies.

AIB Commissioner, Engineer Akin Olateru revealed that some of the final reports have been on the shelf since inception stating that recommendations from the investigation reports will enhance industry safety.

He said,” in the next 90 days we will be releasing final reports of accidents in the last 12 years. We have the vice president’s helicopter crash, Kabo, Chanchangi and some others. We have a 737-200 in 2008. We have concluded investigation on the accidents.

“Some of these reports have gone to stakeholders for the 60-day review while others will be going for the stakeholders’ review.

On implementation of safety recommendations, Engineer Olateru said the AIB has achieved 85 per cent implementation with the cooperation of both Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and airlines.



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