New terminals: FAAN to engage additional AVSEC personnel


The Federal Airports authority FAAN may be requiring services of additional  Aviation security personnel to effectively manage the new airport terminal to be completed soon across the country.

Daily Times investigation revealed that presently the directorate of security has the largest number of staff in FAAN with little above 2000 personnel both those on training.

The number is said to be inadequate at terminals across the country especially with the needed terminals at their completion stages.

Aviation security is taken seriously by ICAO and it stipulates that every airport must have at least adequately number of AVSEC personnel to manage it.

But airports across the country have fallen short of this requirement.

It was gathered that the present management of FAAN has decided to engage more AVSEC personnel within the system to be adequately trained.

According to investigation each of the ongoing terminals across the country especially Abuja and Lagos would require large number of AVSEC personnel to be effectively managed.

According to ICAO standards, an AVSEC personnel is expected to be on a shift for four hours but that is not the case in the country as a result of inadequate AVSEC personnel

AVSEC personnel in the country are prone to risk and dangers the department it was gathered has recorded the highest number of death.

AVSEC personnel have since been mandated by the Federal Government to bear firearms after detailed profiling and adequate training of those that will be licensed for the arms.

Although no stipulated standards/practices in Security Annex 17 and security manual 8973 but the recommendation is subject to individual state (Country). Hence, certified screeners are required to be on X-ray machine for a maximum of twenty minutes upon which the duty is rotated and such staff is not expected to go to the machine until after 40 minutes.

It was gathered that each of the new CCECC  terminal conveniently running four shifts in line with ICAO’s standards of 6hrs might require 450- 600 AVSEC personnel This includes activities at landside and Airside but could be less if some areas become successfully automated.

But the issues of lack of manpower is affecting the effectiveness and efficiency of staff on duty as all international airports need more manpower for optimum performance.Working 12 hours operational duty on its own is against labour ethics worldwide and should be discouraged hence more personnel are needed to boost AVSEC presence at various international airports.

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