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Shake-up as NNPC asks 40 GGMs, GMs to go


The management of the Nigerian National, Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has retired no fewer than 40 group general managers and general managers at the oil firm.

It was gathered in Abuja that the affected GGMs and GMs were asked to leave the employ of the oil firm on Wednesday.

Sources at the corporation also stated that the reorganisation touched other very seniors positions at the headquarters of the national oil firm, as well as in some of its subsidiaries.

“The one that is raising concern at the corporation is that most or all the top management staff from M-3 to M-4 who are due for retirement within a year were asked to leave yesterday (Wednesday),” an impeccable source told our correspondent in Abuja.

It was gathered that group general managers were on M-3, while general managers were categorised on M-4.

The GGMs, who operate from the corporate headquarters are equivalent to managing directors of subsidiaries of the corporation, while the GMs, who work at the subsidiaries, are equivalent to executive directors.

The source added, “About 40 GGMs and GMs were asked to leave, as they were retired by the corporation yesterday (Wednesday). Most of those affected are also not happy because they felt they were not due for retirement.

“However, they were all asked to leave yesterday and that is raising dust and concern among staff at the corporation.”

On what was the reason why they were asked to resign, the source stated that the management said it was done for the upcoming employees to have positions to fill.

The source added, “But ask yourself this question, how long will it take the upcoming staff to get to those positions?

“The system is currently heated up and employees from certain regions of the country are not happy about this.”

Another source stated that a top chief operating officer was redeployed to head another department that was viewed as lesser than his previous office.

The source said, “As at this week, the corporation witnessed a massive shakeup. The management had to readjust some prominent positions.


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