COVID-19: Airports deserted as cargo importation nose dives by 70%


As the Coronavoris continue to ravage countries of the world, passengers have deserted major airports,international airports in the country.

Lagos Business News visit to the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Ikeja revealed that hustling and bustling which usually characterized the airport from the car park to the terminal building was no longer there

The ever-busy temporary car park was empty while both the arrival and departure halls at the terminal were virtually empty.

Few passengers on the ground were those travelling to neighbouring African countries where the deadly coronavirus has not been recorded.

Airlines staff, Immigration officials and security personnel were seen as relaxing as a result of low passengers turn out.
Many mega carriers across the globe have either cut down the number of their frequencies or stopped flying to their different destinations.
The trend has also affected cargo transportation to and from the country as cargo importation has dropped with about 70 per cent in the wake of the coronavirus.

Mr Kingsley Nwokoma, Chairman Association of Foreign Airlines Representatives of Nigeria (AFARN) told us that the country has been passing through a very difficult the period since the outbreak of the disease.

Nwokoma said there was slow traffic, cancellation of flights, a great reduction in cargo traffic. “When it started, it was like a joke we all think it will soon pass away. But it is a big hit in the cargo sector. A lot of mega carriers were collaborating”

He said it will greatly affect cargo even after the disease saying that at the warehouse, they used to be China cargo section but the place was like a graveyard.

He said over 20 different airlines were operating into the country before the outbreak of the corona disease saying that not up to half of the airlines were operating into the country.

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