Gambian Minister Applauds NCC Telecom Regulation’s Success and Seek For Cooperation For Economic Development


The Gambian Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Ousman Bah, praised Nigeria’s remarkable achievements in telecom regulation, making it a benchmark for the nation’s telecom development. In a recent visit to Abuja, Bah led a Gambian delegation, including industry regulators, to meet with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) management. The purpose of their visit was to learn from Nigeria’s success in the sector and replicate it in The Gambia.

Bah acknowledged Nigeria’s impressive strides in telecom regulation as the driving force behind the digitization of its economy, citing current industry statistics as proof of Nigeria’s progress. Inspired by this success, The Gambia has made significant progress in establishing an independent regulatory commission for its own telecommunications industry, taking the NCC as a role model.

During the visit, Minister Bah sought the NCC’s advisory support and strategic collaboration to expedite economic growth and enhance efficiency in both countries. He emphasized the importance of strengthening all sectors across the African continent through joint efforts.

The meeting between the Gambian delegation and the NCC signifies the growing recognition of Nigeria’s expertise in telecom regulation. Nigeria’s accomplishments in this field have not only propelled its economic growth but also attracted the attention and admiration of neighboring nations like The Gambia. The collaboration between the two countries aims to foster a mutually beneficial relationship and accelerate the development of the telecom sector in The Gambia.

By sharing experiences and leveraging Nigeria’s successful regulatory framework, The Gambia aspires to replicate the positive outcomes and create an enabling environment for digital transformation. This collaboration holds the potential to boost economic growth, enhance efficiency, and pave the way for further progress in the telecommunications sector not only in Nigeria and The Gambia but also across the African continent.

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