Orisun Igbomina FM will redefine radio programming in Nigeria – Agboola, Media Entrepreneur


Lack of quality programme to educate, inform, and entertain listeners is a major set-back for many radio stations in Nigeria today. Mr. Ayodele Agboola, Chairman and founder of Orisun Igbomina FM, a radio station in Ila Orangun, Osun State made this assertion in this interview with KAYODE ADELOWOKAN, Managing Editor, NEWSVERGE Newspaper. He explained that a radio station that will amplify the interests of women, youths, students, the elderly and other groups in Nigeria, is set to hit the airwaves.

What inspired you to establish a media outlet, and what informed the name Orisun Igbomina?
Two things inspired me to establish a media outlet. firstly, I did it to promote my hometown, Ila Orangun and the entire Igbomina territory at large. I have discovered that the people of Igbomina need to be better projected like other prominent subgroups of the Yoruba race. In spite of its rich history and culture, Igbomina land is yet to be accorded the attention and prominence it deserves. The establishment of Orisun Igbomina is aimed at changing this narrative. I know that when we commence operations, the fascinating and unique heritage of Ila will be better projected.
Secondly, the network will be the voice of the voiceless masses. Our goal is for every section of the society to have a say in matters that affect their lives.
The name, Orisun Igbomina, basically refers to Ila-Orangun, which is the source of all Igbomina people. The siting of the station in Ila is symbolic, and sends a message that the ancient town is the root of all Igbomina sons and daughters.

What is your general assessment and view on the quality of radio programming in Nigeria?
Many of the radio stations in the country are performing well, but there is still much room for improvement. This is why Orisun Igbomina FM was conceptualized to set the pace and redefine radio programming and broadcasting in Nigeria.

What will Orisun Igbomina do differently, and what should radio lovers across Nigeria expect from this brand-new station?
Yes, several things will be done differently. For example, the quality of our programs, signal and content will surely beat every other radio station in Osun and its environs.

Does your organization have a blueprint designed to raise the cultural, political, civic and economic intelligence of your target audience with robust and well-researched programming content?
Yes, we do. Orisun Igbomina will deliver undiluted news and information to the public. Our philosophy centers around honesty, truth and fairness. Thorough investigative journalism, comprehensive analysis of issues, balanced and unbiased perspective to trending topics, and lots more. Listeners can count on our platform to give them reliable and timely information.

How is Orisun Igbomina FM going to create an emotional connection and symbiotic relationship with its target audience?
The radio station will ensure that the unique culture, heritage and values of its host community are well projected and promoted. I am certain that all our programs will be appealing to the majority of Igbomina sons and daughters. We will have something for everyone.

Do you have a well laid- out strategy to surmount some of the challenges that come with creating, managing and sustaining a broadcasting station in Nigeria?
The essence of the organization is mainly for charity. Our focus is not about immediate profit. We have already done our research, analyzed what the task entails, and made projections. I am confident that we have the capacity and all that it takes to run and sustain the platform.

The mass media is changing at a rapid pace and continues to evolve round the clock. How do you intend to flow with this tide?
The organization will leverage the current social media revolution. We will use advanced information technology to our advantage.
The plan is to stream all our programs live on social media, and also make them accessible to radio lovers across the world

The Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) is the regulatory body for radio and television stations in the country. Recently, there was a court injunction restraining the Commission from imposing sanctions on any erring media houses without recourse to the court of law. What is your view about this development?
I am not too comfortable with this court order. I believe sanity is required in the system. The regulatory body should be allowed to do its job of ensuring media organizations do not flout broadcasting laws and rules. Our airwaves need to be sanitized from time to time. Misuse of the space needs to be curbed by the appropriate regulatory body. I consider this particular court order a bad omen.

When will Orisun Igbomina FM hit the airwaves, and what kind of production team are you assembling at the moment?
Our initial plan was to start broadcasting in this month of May 2023. Sadly, we are yet to commence transmission due to some glitches encountered at the initial stages of construction work and installation of equipment at the site of the company’s headquarters.The radio complex is yet to be completed. At the moment, we are working round the clock to ensure the facility is ready for our operations. I am optimistic that Orisun Igbomina FM will soon hit Nigeria’s airwaves. However, we do not have a definite date yet.

Is there any particular reason why the headquarters of the station is sited in Ila Orangun?
Ila Orangun is my hometown and my root. So, like I said, when we started this conversation, situating the radio station in Ila Orangun will help project and promote the culture and tradition of the ancient town.

Can you give us a peep into your background and entrepreneurial journey?
My name is Ayodele Agboola, and I am from Ila-Orangun, which is the ancestral headquarters of the entire Igbomina territory.
I possess a National Diploma certificate in Mass Communication and a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Communication Technology. Interestingly, I also have a background in legal studies. I attained formal education in Nigeria, Malaysia and the United States of America, where I now live permanently. Today, I am a serial entrepreneur, who deals in real estate business, automobile sales, transportation/logistics and security services.

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