Dry season: How to Make Huge Profits from Sachets, Bottled Water Businesses

Water business has been one of the lucrative businesses to venture into especially now that we are moving to dry season, everyone will need to consume more water due to dehydration.
This has made the demand for pure water and bottled water keeps increasing every day.
The first thing to do before starting the business is to first register your business name with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
Find a good location for your factory, it should not be located close to a refuse dump, latrine or pit toilet, fuel depot etc. Half a plot of land is enough to establish a standard pure water factory. Build a five-room bungalow, the rooms should include; a production room, a Finished product store, a Material store room, a Cloakroom, and an Office.
Dig a borehole in the factory premises then carry out water analysis. This is very important because it will guide you on the cost and equipment to buy. But let your installer inspect the land to see if it is suitable for the pure water business. He will give you the building plan and where you should dig the borehole. The borehole should be 50 feet away from a septic tank.
Get an automated sealing machine the one that can seal up to 35 sachet a minute.
Overhead tanks/reservoir for water supply, and Distiller.2-3 pairs of industrial filters, UV air steriliser, Ozoniser.
3-4 Micro filters and their cartridges, boiling machine and big generator.
You will also need a truck or tricycle for the distribution of your products. tricycle is good in saving running costs because it has efficiency in fuel consumption.
NAFDAC registration/trademark
Get your product registered. Your installer will take care of NAFDAC registration. This he will do by going to their office and informing them about your readiness to open a pure water factory. NAFDAC will in turn give him some documents which comprise all the requirements, forms and instructions for the registration.
Also, you will be required to pay a pre-inspection fee in their company account that will be given to you. You will be required of you to take the payment draft to their office for a receipt. They will then book a date with you for the pre-inspection. If their car is available, they will come with it but otherwise, you will have to take care of their mobility.
Contrary to popular belief that NAFDAC approval is tasking and takes a long while, as such many entrepreneurs shy away from pure water production business. NAFDAC approval takes between 3-4 months all things being equal while trademark takes between 3-4 weeks.
Keep your environment clean always Wash your tank every month, there are people who specialise in that you can engage their services.
As a new company in  water business, it is very important to study the market before you start distribution. Reduction of #1 can give you an edge over big and long-standing water companies. Supply to shops or customers very early in the money before other companies start waking up.
By the time the owners of the shop resumes for the day, they already have pure water to sell to customers.
Your ability to penetrate the market will determine how successful you will be in the business. Never shy away from approaching the market.
You should be able to sell 1200 bags a day. Multiply by 25 working days, you will have sold bags of water worth #6,000,000 if a bag goes for #200 each.YPTO.

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