Sanwo-Olu Showcases Lagos Greatness To The Globe At London Mayor Show


“While expressing his heartwarming experience at the show, the Governor said: “we told the story of Lagos representing Nigeria and indeed Africa.

“In Lagos, the heartbeat of Africa, our sights and sounds tell a powerful story, a fusion of creativity, rich history, and a boundless future.

“From vibrant streets to the echoes of our culture, Lagos is a canvas painted with resilience, diversity, and the rhythmic beats of progress.

“Iam honoured to represent Lagos at the Lord Mayor’s Show in London, a historic moment as the first African city to participate. This showcases Lagos on the global stage, emphasizing our economic prowess.


“The Lord Mayor’s Show, an 800-year tradition, symbolizes Lagos as a rising economic force. The invitation is a testament to our upward trajectory, and I’m here to declare Lagos open for international business.

“Our participation emphasizes Lagos as the cultural, entertainment, and economic hub of Africa. It’s an honor to share our stories, attract investments, and showcase Lagos’ vibrancy to the world. We’re actively inviting investments through city banquets, bilateral meetings, and the Lagos Investment dinner, all echoing the resounding theme, “Lagos is open for business.”, he stressed.

“We’re not just participating; we’re making a bold statement about our economic strength, cultural richness, and readiness for international collaboration”, he further explained.

The Mayor Show was really a needed global platform for the World to see and appreciate the rich endowments and opportunities in Lagos.The Lagos State government truly did justice to it. They beautifully showcased the excellent and enamous economic, social, cultural, historic and natural resources of the State of Excellence. The most fascinating aspect was the BRT caravan, Keke Maruwa and Lagos Danso bus exhibition at the show.


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