Coronation Life Assurance Raises Awareness ‘Critical Illness Insurance’


Coronation Life Assurance Limited is set to raise awareness on the importance of Critical Illness Insurance’ to Nigerians.

This, it hopes to do, through its webinar series, coming up on Tuesday, November 14 2023, to highlight the importance of critical Illness insurance.

Themed: ‘Safeguarding Your Health: The Importance of Critical Illness Insurance’, it stressed that the Webinar Series is part of the company’s thought leadership initiatives, designed to provide relevant insights for both corporate and individual clients.

This edition of the series,according to the insurer, focuses on the importance of Critical illness Insurance, providing a comprehensive overview of critical illness insurance, the importance of early detection and prevention of critical illnesses through regular health check-ups and a healthy lifestyle.

“The event aims to educate and inform participants on the importance of Critical illness insurance, empower attendees with the knowledge and understanding required to make informed decisions about their health and financial security. It will provide guidance on how to choose the right critical illness insurance policy, emphasizing factors like coverage, affordability and personal circumstances.

“While the primary objective is education, we also aim to introduce our Critical Illness insurance services and how Coronation Life Assurance Ltd can provide the necessary protection.Event and Panel Objectives:

“The broader objectives of the event are to create awareness of Coronation Life Assurance’s products, increase the mailing list for client acquisition, improve brand visibility and reputation, and position Coronation Life Assurance as a thought leader in the financial services space.

“The panel discussion specifically aims to use case studies and real-life success stories to illustrate the financial and emotional impact of Critical illnesses and how insurance can be a financial safety net.” It pointed out.

Nothing that the panel session would adopt an interactive and conversational format, moderated by Wole Famurewa, CNBC Africa Anchor, he added that it would encourage active interaction among the panelists and engage the audience through Q&A sessions, fostering dynamic discussions.

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