UK Halts Overseas Health Workers From Bringing Dependants


The United Kingdom has banned Health and Care Workers from bringing dependants to the country as part of a move to checkmate migration.

The ban was announced by the UK Home Office via its verified X handle (formerly Twitter) on Monday.

The Home Office wrote, “From today, care workers entering the UK on Health and Care Worker visas can no longer bring dependants. This is part of our plan to deliver the biggest ever cut in migration.”

This decision, which comes into effect immediately, marks a shift in the UK’s immigration policy, particularly impacting healthcare professionals seeking to relocate to the country for employment opportunities within the health and care sector.

Lagosbusinessnews reports that the United Kingdom is one of the favourite destinations of young Nigerian professionals regularly trooping out of the country (Japa) to seek greener pastures.

The ban has sparked debates and concerns among various stakeholders, including healthcare organisations and advocacy groups, who argued that it could exacerbate existing staffing shortages within the UK’s healthcare system.

Critics contend that restricting the ability of health workers to bring their dependents may deter qualified professionals from accepting positions in the UK, ultimately compromising patient care.

On the other hand, supporters of the ban viewed it as a necessary measure to address immigration levels and prioritise the domestic workforce amid ongoing challenges in the labour market.

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