Adrenalina, To Facilitate Collaboration, Training For African Entrepreneurs


Adrenalina, a new co-working space in Lagos, is set to take-off with focus on facilitating innovation, collaboration and training for entrepreneurs, creatives and freelancers.

The Adrenalina provides working spaces and collaborative opportunities for entrepreneurs, creatives, and freelancers on a subscription basis, amongst other services. According to Tejumade Salami, Head of Business Success Excellence, The Adrenalina delivers enterprise-centric services to emerging businesses in Africa. These include both physical and virtual spaces as office and hosting venues, infrastructure support, training, business intelligence and business support services.


“The idea is to enable creatives, entrepreneurs and freelancers to have more enhancing environments to work, innovate and collaborate,” said Salami. “Beyond the services we provide, we are looking to build an ecosystem by integrating a lot of value-driving initiatives to enhance the growth and success of our subscribers.” Salami added that the company will host events such as book readings and seminars, and publish a periodic newsletter and podcast to educate and entertain. With a growing youthful population and increased connectivity to the global community via digitalization, Africa continues to experience the emergence and growth of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs). According to the World bank, SMEs make up over 90 percent of businesses and account for over 40 percent of the GDP in developing economies. In Nigeria, service-based industries like technology, media and consulting agencies continue to experience rapid growth. Co-working communities like The Adrenalina provide the vital support and infrastructure needed for these emerging enterprises.


“We believe that Africa is rising and we want to be a significant part of this transformation by creating a community where people can work, think and collaborate for success,” said CEO, Chukwuerika Achum.


According to Achum, the government’s role as the principal employer of labour is reducing and the highly innovative start-ups of today will play a significant role in Africa’s future. We want to encourage this shift by supporting small and micro businesses in Africa through access to vital facilities, collaborations and training. In the future, we hope to help businesses get structured and connected to funding,” Achum added.


The Adrenalina wants to be a major contributor to the development of innovation and enterprise in Africa,” said Ayodele Arowosegbe, the company’s Marketing Consultant. “What we are creating is beyond a business. It is a community; it is a lifestyle.” The Adrenalina is set to open for business in March 2023.

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