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Lagos residents lament difficulty Buying LAKE rice


Some prospective buyers of the Lagos State subsidised rice on Friday expressed difficulty in buying the product for this Yuletide.

Prospective buyers, who besieged the Agric Ojo State Warehouse, the venue of the sales, said the officials were making the rice difficult for them to get.

One of the prospective buyers in the riotous crowd told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos claimed that the plea by the officials that they had exhausted their stock was a ploy to disperse them for the officials to sell the product to whomever they wished.

Mr Femi Taire, an Islamic cleric, said the prospective buyers were becoming unruly because they felt that they were being cheated and sidelined by the officials.

“I have been coming here since Tuesday without getting a bag to buy; all we hear are excuses that they are waiting for directive or the POS is malfunctioning.

“But we will still see people getting rice from here sold to them by these same officials going through the other door, it is frustrating,” he said.

Mrs Adebipe Dawudu, who said she liked the brand because it was stone-free, said the price was not too different from other Nigerian brands in the market.

“My children do not like the stones experienced in some other local brands, it is the stone-free nature that makes the LAKE brand look as if it is special.

“This trouble getting this rice is too much, the officials seem to be the one making it elusive to people because some big men are getting it from them.

“I saw one vehicle loaded with 40 bags of rice yesterday while we were still queuing for a bag. There are still bags of rice inside the warehouse as one can still see some bags from here,” she said.

According to Dawudu, who said she had been going to the warehouse since Tuesday, not up to 70 bags had been sold to people in the queue at N17,000 per bag since the sales began.

An official, as addressed as the sales manager, declined to speak with NAN, but addressed the crowd, saying that the outfit had exhausted the number given to it to sell.


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